The Process

  • After taking your patient's impression using either aliginate/PVS or an intra-oral scanner.
    Send to us via post or your method of online connection (Software, Email, Website Upload)

  • We receive impressions and create a Treatment Proposal for your patient, including images of simulated overall result.

  • The proposal will detail any instructions such as inter-proximal reduction, or attachment placement.

  • Any need for attachments can be achieved through composite attachments, placed by yourself using a custom bracket we provide you with.

  • After you have approved the Treatment Proposal we will create the first 4 aligners for each arch. (The first Planned 8 weeks of movement)

  • Compliance checks are needed to make sure your patient is following the treatment plan correctly. IPR Done before a check has created space that you are now confirming is closed.
    If the gap is still open, your patient is non-compliant.
    In this scenario, don't continue with the next step or proceed with any IPR that may be scheduled.

  • After a phase of treatment has finished, a new impression is taken and sent to us, and treatment is continued like this until desired form is achieved