Treatment Options

Full Treatment

Covers 7-7

Covers 3-3

Light Treatment

Service Plans



Simple Plan

This plan is used for small movements where one or two teeth need to be moved back into alignment. 

Suitable for post fixed orthodontic treatment to tweak & perfect the patients desired results.


1x Zendura Retainer


Standard Plan

This plan is used for minor complex movements where more teeth need to be moved back into alignment. Comes with a higher chance of IPR & bonding attachments required.

Suitable for Maloclusions & Post Ortho Treatment.


1 x Zendura Retainer

1x Set Whitening Trays


Premium plan

This plan is for complex cases that require ongoing treatment past 12 trays.

Treatment lasts for as long as necessary, you get as many trays as you need to achieve that smile.

Suitable for Maloclusions, Orthodontic Treatment.

Includes 2 x Zendura Retainer

2x Set Whitening Trays


Single movements are available on request.

Please call 01202 486113 or email for more information.